Chipotle Chicken Vinaigrette Salad

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Dressing Ingredients

Dressing Directions

Combine all ingredients in container and shake to mix.  A Good Seasons Cruet works perfect. Salad (Serves 1)

Salad Ingredients

Salad Directions

  1. Cut chicken into large cubes.  About 12 pieces.
  2. Season with salt, pepper, and cover with paprika.
  3. Sear both sides of chicken in hot lightly oiled pan.
  4. Reduce heat to medium and finish cooking.
  5. In large bowl combin
    1. cut lettuce
    2. sliced cucumbers
    3. shucked cor
    4. thinly sliced carrots (slice with potato peeler on ends)
    5. salad dressing
  6. Serve salad and top with chicken.