Opera Fudge

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  1. Cream together cream cheese and butter with a mixer.  
  2. Slowly add 10x sugar to avoid a sugar cloud in the kitchen.  
  3. Mix in vanilla and peanut butter.  
  4. Chill the dough for about 10 minutes before making peanut butter mixture balls.  (You can use a mellon ball to create them.)  
  5. Place the pb balls back into the freezer before dipping them in chocolate.
  6. Add water to a double boiler and bring to boil.
  7. Reduce heat but keep hot.  
  8. Add blocks of unsweetened Baker’s dark chocolate Add paraffin wax.  
  9. Mix until smooth.  

    You are ready to dip.

  10. Using a spoon, lower the chilled peanut butter ball into the dark chocolate.  

  11. Place on wax sheet on top of cookie sheets.  

  12. Place in freezer until chilled.  

  13. Then place in air tight container.  

  14. Keep in refrigerator.

Recipe by Sheila  (more photos below)